• Teams
  • Format
    Double Elimination
  • Game
    Street Fighter 6
  • Start
    January 6, 2024 at 8:00 PM EST
  • Check-in
    Underway Now
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Step into the ring of the "Fists of Fury: Street Fighter 6 Showdown," where the world's best fighters converge for an epic display of martial arts mastery and strategic combat. This tournament celebrates the latest installment of the iconic Street Fighter series, featuring fan-favorite characters and new challengers alike. Competitors will face off in intense, one-on-one battles, showcasing their skills, combos, and special moves in a quest for supremacy.

Tournament Highlights:

  • Intense Matchups: Players will compete in a series of elimination rounds, testing their reflexes, strategy, and adaptation skills.
  • Diverse Character Roster: A variety of fighters with unique styles and abilities, offering a wide range of combat techniques and strategies.
  • Iconic Stages: Battles take place across a range of beautifully designed stages, each adding its own flavor to the fights.
A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.